"This spring I flew in from England to watch the Black Gold Magnetic Separator during final testing... I was so impressed with how well it worked that I placed an advance order right then. I look forward to using it in our African mining operation. It was well worth the trip to the United States." 

Kwasi  (United Kingdom)

"I have been involved in gold mining professionally for over 30 years. I set up mining operations all over the United States and have used magnetic separators many times. I was interested in using the Black Gold Magnetic Separator for an operation in Montana and made an appointment to come watch it process the my concentrate in which I had a measured amount of gold. I was impressed by how well it removed the magnetic sands to one pan and 99% of my gold to another gold pan. I was also impressed by the fact that I only had to run it just one time through to get this good of a result. I placed an order just based on their prototype. There is no separator like it on the market!" 

Kevin W. (USA)

"I have gold dredged both professionally and recreationally for over 20 years. I use a Genie bowl in an effort to recover the gold trapped in my black sands concentrates. Although helpful, it is a slow process and it still doesn't recover all my gold. Bryon Tolle was prospecting in my area and introduced me to his Black Gold Magnetic Separator. We pulled the magnetic sands out of my concentrates and once again I ran it through the Genie. It was remarkable to see how much the magnetic sands had been trapping gold.  My gold pan was holding several large flat pieces of gold, not to mention lots of fine gold that I had never before recovered by the Genie bowl. It was a good feeling to know I wasn't losing any of my gold as I threw out my black sands. "

Shawn C.  (Oregon)

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