We perform free testing  on any sample sent to us (max 20lbs).   We measure the percentage of "heavies" in the sample and compare it to the percentage of magnetic sands removed by the Separator. All samples need to be clean  of organic material and screened through 1/8 screen.

Feed rates vary according to the percentage of magnetic sands in each feed stock .Testing of feed containing 10% magnetic sands has shown the 'STANDARD' model processing over 600 lbs/hr and the 'PRO' processing over 1200 lbs/hr.  Rate of feed with 100% magnetic sands is 200lbs/hr for the 'STANDARD' model and 400 lbs/hr for the 'PRO' model. 


*Loss of gold in an enclosed water measureable loss!
*Loss of gold larger than flour measureable loss!
*Loss of flour gold...........................................................................less than a 1% loss!
*Loss of "magnetic" gold and "magnetic" measureable loss!

A) Black Sands can vary in their magnetic strength and it is important to do preliminary testing of your feed. To get an idea of what the Black Gold Magnetic Separator will remove, it is important that you test using rare-earth magnets. They are 10 times stronger than generic ceramic magnets.
B) Because feed materials all vary from one place to another, we cannot guarantee specific results regarding feed rates or percentages of magnetic sands removed. Every effort was made to test a broad sampling of materials containing different kinds of gold and magnetic sands. Samples were tested from Canada, Alaska, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, and several sites in Oregon.  Materials came from various sites such as placers, beach sands and hard rock mines.

C)  Unless your material was a 100% mix of strong magnetic sands and precious metals, you still need finish equipment such as a gold pan, shaker table, Spiral, Cube, etc.

Test Results
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