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“The only CONTINUOUS nonstop Centrifuge with self cleaning riffles on the
market! All other brands are “batch” style that must be shut down to wash out packed
riffles or use additional back pressure filtered water systems.”

Neffco Centrifuge Bowl


1. Capacity to process tons per hour while recovering over 90%+ of the fine gold.

2. Removal of both nonmagnetic and magnetic sands without fine gold losses.

3. Turning tons into one gallon of concentrates at end of day.

Our Black Gold Magnetic Separator was designed specifically for fine gold recovery and it is the most effective gold recovery magnetic separator on the market. But even with this ability, magnetic separation alone cannot solve the miner's challenges.


Neffco bowl production started in the 1980's primarily to save hours of work in the gold finish room. Reason is that many sluice box clean-ups could generate 5 to 30 buckets of concentrates....and that 25-150 gallons of cons could easily be reduced in under an hour to just one gallon of concentrate with the Neffco bowl.  Now, with today's high price for an ounce of gold, more miners are installing bowls into their wash-plants where fine gold losses are no longer “acceptable losses”.

neffco centrifuge bowl

An average gold recovery rate of 97% was found in tests taken by Multiple tests were performed feeding sands with various levels of Iron sands, Garnet, Lead, Quartz, ranging from 10% to 100% Magnetite.

With miner's interest in fine gold rapidly growing we decided in 2017 to take on more
extensive testing of fine and super-fine gold recovery rates. Test results are as follow:
100-minus mesh(150 micron) to 200+plus(75 micron).............94% recovery rate.
200-minus(75 micron) to 400+plus(37 micron)........................84% recovery rate.
400-minus(37 micron)...............................................................62% recovery rate.
Feed was ran at the rate of 1 ton per hour.

What makes the Neffco bowl so effective is its uniquely designed riffle system not found in any other centrifuge......

1) Instead of using a stack of single independent rings for riffles as all other centrifuges use, the Neffco bowl uses one continuous winding rubber riffle similar to a screw thread that spirals downward in the direction opposite of the bowl's rotation. This opposite spiral creates continuous self-cleaning riffles by keeping the feed in a slurry state allowing the gold to pull out and press against the wall. This means the bowl can run all day without shutting down each ½ hour to wash out packed riffles as is the case with other centrifuges.
2) In a centrifuge bowl the centrifugal force pushes the gold not only OUTWARD but also UPWARD such that even when gold enters the riffles it is not securely trapped. In fact it will continue to migrate up the bowl's wall over riffle after riffle until it is lost. Neffco riffles eliminate this loss by forming a gold trap undercut along the bottom of all the riffles. No other brand uses such a gold trap.

"Neffco's unique riffle design is custom installed by hand. A cost that Neffco is
willing to absorb to provide our customers with the best bowl performance.
Shop around and compare will see."


Weight: 165 lb
Dimensions: 38”x 38' x 25' tall
Feed size: 1/8 minus
Feed rate: 10% of slurry
Water rate: 80 to 100 gpm
Gold recovery to: 400 mesh
Voltage: 110v 60hz and 3 phase
**Feed rate: up to 8 tons/hr

74 kg
1 meter square x 65 cm tall
2.3 mm minus
10% of slurry
300 lpm to 380 lpm
40 micron
220v 50hz
**Up to 8 tons/hr


**Feed rates can be doubled up to 8 tons per hour using our
"vibrating stainless steel cutter system" that 
pulls fine heavies out
of high volume us for details.