We're glad you found us. The idea of designing and building our own magnetic separator started back in 2009 while field testing
various mining properties. Calculating gold/ton values at each site required us to work till midnight every night, performing the very difficult task of panning buckets of black sands.  After several miserable days and with limited success, it was very evident that we needed some kind of magnetic separator, not just for testing, but also for any kind of mining operation we set up. We evaluated every existing magnetic separation system we could find, including, expensive conveyor belt and rotating drum separators. Not finding any separators that had the features we felt were mandatory for gold mining, we decided to build our own separator using a design concept uniquely different than other separators.

We were very excited when testing of the first prototype of our Black Gold Magnetic Separator proved excellent. Further positive field tests throughout 2010 resulted in an invitation from The Discovery Channel to film me operating our Separator for Season One of their new TV Show: GOLD RUSH ALASKA. The episode aired on February 9, 2011 and we received 100's of emails from viewers interested in purchasing one for their own use. In addition to the emails came a variety of different feed concentrates to test from all over the USA and Canada. From these tests came new ideas for additional worthwhile features we had not designed into the first prototype.  Faced with new design challenges, we continued throughout 2011 building and testing more prototypes, perfecting and adding more features as we went. In July 2012, research and development was finally finished on two production models...... the "STANDARD" and the "PRO"  Black Gold Magnetic Separator's. Our unique Patent Pending magnetic system brings mining into the 21st century with technical improvements enabling you to recover more gold both faster and easier than ever before. Designed with multiple settings and adjustments that enable you to make optimum settings specific to your feed material.
All efforts have now shifted to a focus on parts,production and assembly, with emphasis on increasing additional tooling based on supply and demand. Please check out the rest of our website for all the details.

It has been an amazing journey since 2009 and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Thanks, Bryon Tolle

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